Keep On

The night’s lights start to fade, there’s a spark within you that starts a flame That desire to continue on, to continue to fight on, that will to not give in to the voice in your mind telling you to quit, to give up, that it is time, But you get up anyway, You fightContinue reading “Keep On”

The Mind

Can you tell me everything will be alright? Can you see my empty soul in this twilight? Can the moon’s light shadow my life’s insecurities? Tell me it isn’t black and white but a whole lot of grey There’s no right or wrong just harder to convey. Your demons may disagree with your conclusions TheyContinue reading “The Mind”

Lost but not Defeated

Can you admit when you have lost, With the same energy as when you have won? Is the love for yourself stronger than the love for someone else? When you are crazy but not insane, The blurry nights and days are all the same. When you have lost but are not defeated, Your will andContinue reading “Lost but not Defeated”