Your sounds come muffled over the radio waves Your words come distorted over the ocean waves Your love comes with eggshells that are hard to navigate Your wounds come with scabs, easily to reopen Sounds come down in the wrong tune Sounds come down during the full moon Sounds of love and hate, of coincidenceContinue reading “Sounds”

A Side of Depression

Depression overwhelms like the night Overshadows the daylight Anxiety, a friend and foe Will be by your side like a befriended crow The darkness comes and blankets your positivity Darkness, an old friend, comes and feeds off the negativity Relentless in its conquest Unhinged by the years that must pass before you give in AndContinue reading “A Side of Depression”

The Mind

Can you tell me everything will be alright? Can you see my empty soul in this twilight? Can the moon’s light shadow my life’s insecurities? Tell me it isn’t black and white but a whole lot of grey There’s no right or wrong just harder to convey. Your demons may disagree with your conclusions TheyContinue reading “The Mind”

My Journey

I can feel my broken heart beating, I can’t help this fucked up feeling of despair. Wind blowing, smelling the beautiful air, Can’t erase your image, your graceful stare. When I feel lonely, I hide deep in my chamber, Doors and windows closed and locked, With no one holding the key, but me. I wishContinue reading “My Journey”


I bleed red, white and blue, But will it bleed for me or you? Will the sins of days past Rest upon those deemed less? Rejected my ancestor’s identity, Culture and pride, To be part of the promise land, Clutching firm to the flag. A man with two countries, Has a conflicted heart. Lose thatContinue reading “MexicAmerican”