Not Alone

Is today the day that they find a cure, for this depression, anxiety and feeling insecure? Will this be a lifelong road? Will this be a lifelong war? I can’t seem to get up anymore, I don’t have the same strength as I did before. Broken hearted, shattered mind, lost soul, Relentless demons, shaky foundationContinue reading “Not Alone”


Depression overwhelms Like a blanket Covering the sun The world turns to darkness An emotional tornado Destruction in its wake Scars continue to bleed No band aid for the mind No glue to piece it back No instructions to rebuild Accept it as a part of you Hiding in the shadows Of your self-conscious LikeContinue reading “Depression”


This depression has taken its toll Devoured the person I was Its roots spread out to all parts Of my body, mind and soul. Rotting my brain  Personality and mood It grows and grows like mold. It has taken plenty of friends Substituted them  For voices in my head. Alas I am overcome With painContinue reading “Mold”

Old Friend

The night is when I get inspired, By the glow of the cold moon, That casts monstrous shadows On my wall. I feel at home among the darkness That lingers in the corners, Down the lonely alleyways, In desolate streets. Like an old friendship,  I embrace it. It wreaks havoc within me, Yet I haveContinue reading “Old Friend”