Have you felt the electricity in the air? Or do you walk around mindless and don’t care? Can you feel the tension in the room? Or the sensation of a pending doom? Feel the voltage that comes with anxiety, feel the distress that joins in on the fun. Feel the hairs on the back ofContinue reading “Electricity”

Sin Futuro

Empiezo el día pensando de mi futuro Pero estoy malos pensamientos me deja cansado. Como si no pudiera planear Y sentir abandonado. No puedo poner en palabras como se siente uno sin futuro No puedo pensar describir todos los sentimientos Como estar solo per lleno de personas. Como gritar sin poder escucharte Como sin aguaContinue reading “Sin Futuro”


Estoy perdido en la profundidad de mi mente Estoy buscando una salida que no existe Perdido en mis pensamientos hastiados Perdido siempre es lo que e realizado Estoy caminando en la calle de soledad Robando me lo poquito de mi dignidad Robando mi inspiración, mi personalidad Estoy solo en este camino de obscuridad Buscando aContinue reading “Perdido”


La obscuridad viene y va Como una idea que no puedes agarrar Un imagen borrosa Un objecto que se derrite por los dedos Obscuridad misteriosa La obscuridad te tapa La obscuridad te sufoca La obscuridad te entrapa Para sacarte mentira de tu voca La obscuridad viene y va Como la brisa del mar Hay díasContinue reading “Obscuridad”

Give Me

Give me turbulence, give me trauma, I can handle it. Give me loss, give me pain, I can deal with it. Give me the terrible, and take the good, I’m used to it. Give me insecurity, give me depression, I seem to flourish in its reality. Give me the damned, and take the saved, weContinue reading “Give Me”

My Shoes

Take a journey into the depths of my heart, and you will see the pain that’s been there since the start. Suffucating, suffering that goes unnoticed, tightening its grips at every moment. Take a stroll through the darkest part of my mind, and you will find the anguish that I deal with on the daily.Continue reading “My Shoes”

Take Away

Take away the sunshine and the moonlight let me dwell in the darkness. Take away the joy and the pain I seem to fit in in this numbness. Take away the love and the desires I can deal being heartless. I seem to thrive on the negativity that my depression appears normal. That’s my world,Continue reading “Take Away”

Keep On

The night’s lights start to fade, there’s a spark within you that starts a flame That desire to continue on, to continue to fight on, that will to not give in to the voice in your mind telling you to quit, to give up, that it is time, But you get up anyway, You fightContinue reading “Keep On”

Would You

The world knows that I love you, But does your heart and mind? The heavens and the angels know that I’d do anything for you, But does your soul? I’d give you my shirt when it’s cold, I’d walk over fire if I’m told, but would you even realize it? I’d fight your battles andContinue reading “Would You”

She Is

She’s my symbol of resistance. She’s a soother for my depression that I want it to leave sooner. She’s the mountain of all my hopes. She’s the foundation to my unstable mind with all the falls and slopes. She’s my muse for when my mind is blank. She’s my defusser for when my mind goesContinue reading “She Is”


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