Your sounds come muffled over the radio waves Your words come distorted over the ocean waves Your love comes with eggshells that are hard to navigate Your wounds come with scabs, easily to reopen Sounds come down in the wrong tune Sounds come down during the full moon Sounds of love and hate, of coincidenceContinue reading “Sounds”


En la noche es cuando Mis demonios salen En la noche es cuando Mi realidad no vale En la noche implacable es El viento En la noche es cuando Puedo caer en cualquier momento Mi corazón late rápidamente Mi ansiedad no me deja Mis medicinas no es suficiente Para parar la emoción En la nocheContinue reading “Noche”

A Side of Depression

Depression overwhelms like the night Overshadows the daylight Anxiety, a friend and foe Will be by your side like a befriended crow The darkness comes and blankets your positivity Darkness, an old friend, comes and feeds off the negativity Relentless in its conquest Unhinged by the years that must pass before you give in AndContinue reading “A Side of Depression”

Never Ending

Endless cycle of darkness surrounds Like the clouds before the storm The light before the thunder The ache before the pain The days are all a blur and seem the same Depression comes without a warning No known symptoms No tell tale signs Comes rushing in From all sides and different kinds Endless dark roadContinue reading “Never Ending”


Calming rhythm of the sea Echoes of times past That I am able to see Calming whistles of the wind Flowing through my window Almost cleansing my sins Calming tapping from the sea mist On my car roof top Almost washing away the pain That I pray it to stop Calming flapping of the birdsContinue reading “Beach”

Locked In Time

Racing thoughts Only come at night All the wrongs Locked in time Dreamless nights Endless sorrow Locked in time Every lie I ever told Tattooed in my head With all the negativity I have ever said Every heart I hurt Every soul I destroyed Come rushing at night Keep me up Locked in time LockedContinue reading “Locked In Time”


There he lays, waiting for the moment To pounce right back into my mind There he waits, for when I let my guard down Then he creeps back into my thoughts at night There he is, always listening and waiting for the right time to set me back to that prison There he waits, withContinue reading “Waiting”


What a wonder hope is When all odds are against you You still hold on to that string That it will pass That you will be better Somehow you will overcome Be it heartache or Something closer to death We call it a miracle Others luck Whatever it is Never lose it Never give upContinue reading “Hope”

In The End

Sparkling eyes shining brighter than the star filled skies Matched up with a heart so radiant that it makes it’s own sunrise Combine that with a beautiful soul that I’d like to grow old with I can see the beauty nature has given us but it still seems to be lacking I seem to stillContinue reading “In The End”

Reminds Me of You

When the moon shines It reminds me of you And those sparkling brown eyes Every time I look up towards the skies It reminds me of you And that radiant smile you give me Every time I see the ocean shore It reminds me of you And that rhythmic love that you give me AndContinue reading “Reminds Me of You”


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