My Shoes

Take a journey into the depths of my heart,
and you will see the pain that's been there since the start.
Suffucating, suffering that goes unnoticed,
tightening its grips at every moment.

Take a stroll through the darkest part of my mind,
and you will find the anguish that I deal with on the daily.
You will have a chance to feel what I feel,
to think how my brain wants me to think and react.
You will see how I can barely hold it all down and intact.

Take a moment to walk in my shoes,
to realize that I'm cracked and broken.
Walk a mile in them if you choose,
but don't complain about the burden.

I will never get rid of those parts of me
that keep me up at night and worry me throughout the day.
I will, however, try my damnest to not let it break me
and be able to smile and laugh another day.

Published by Beipher

I have been writing poetry since a teenager but did not have the courage to really show it off. It wasn't until I had some tools as I battled depression and mental illness. They are still a part of me, which you will see for yourself. My writing is dark and raw.

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