Take Away

Take away the sunshine and the moonlight

let me dwell in the darkness.

Take away the joy and the pain

I seem to fit in in this numbness.

Take away the love and the desires

I can deal being heartless.

I seem to thrive on the negativity

that my depression appears normal.

That’s my world, my reality

that everything else is the back burner.

When I’m at my low’s

I feel right at home.

I feel sufficated and surrounded

even when I’m alone

I can’t really explain it

it just is what it is

and I’ve come to accept it.

Published by Beipher

I have been writing poetry since a teenager but did not have the courage to really show it off. It wasn't until I had some tools as I battled depression and mental illness. They are still a part of me, which you will see for yourself. My writing is dark and raw.

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