Keep On

The night’s lights start to fade,

there’s a spark within you that starts a flame

That desire to continue on, to continue to fight on,

that will to not give in to the voice in your mind

telling you to quit, to give up, that it is time,

But you get up anyway,

You fight regardless

and those mental demons you start to slay.

There’s day break and the shining star fightin the moon,

here’s to another day that you will survive soon.

Here’s to you and your strength and

you don’t have to be perfect for your family,

you’re enough for them.

Show them what resilience looks like.

Show them what strength looks like.

Show them what it takes to keep on.

You have it in you, always have and always will,

now do you and keep on, never standing still.

Published by Beipher

I have been writing poetry since a teenager but did not have the courage to really show it off. It wasn't until I had some tools as I battled depression and mental illness. They are still a part of me, which you will see for yourself. My writing is dark and raw.

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