Do You Remember

 Do you remember the day we met?

 It was one random day in winter,
 Another year come & gone with no more than a whimper.
 Nothing exciting, foggy memories, ah yes,
 Another relationship ruined by my insecurities.

 All that ended the moment your eyes introduced themselves,
 It was only a second but it felt timeless,
 Your smile sparked love into a man in crisis,
 I knew I had to speak to you.

 Even for the slightest of moments.

 I knew I was in love with you!

 All the guilt but without atonement.

 You made me wait which made me impatient,
 "But the best things in life come with patience" 
 You used to say.

 You: magnificently perfect in many ways,
 Me: so damn ugly. 

 Our timing was off, yet we stayed in touch.

 Then, there I was, waiting for the moment to spill my guts.
 I remember the night, filled with joy and laughter,
 I felt so childish full of excitement & jealousy.

 You said no, because you were taken,
 Yet I fell even harder, my love had awakened!

 You: strong morals & lived with integrity and spoke-
 Me: ugly, impure with moments of insincerity.
 I thought I had been in love before,
 And what were all these new feelings that I couldn't ignore? 

 It seemed but a child’s crush,
 Compared to how I felt about you.

 I was scared and needed a little push,
 To let myself be so vulnerable around you.
 You unknowingly challenged me to be better!
 Old ways and habits, I became a forgetter.

 Reprogramming my old wiring,
 Was the hardest thing I have ever done.

 Losing myself along the way,
 In trying to conquer my corruption,
 Seemed but a minor task.

 I’m glad I let the old me die.
 Now I can completely give my whole self, 
 To my wife.

 Do you remember? 

Published by Beipher

I have been writing poetry since a teenager but did not have the courage to really show it off. It wasn't until I had some tools as I battled depression and mental illness. They are still a part of me, which you will see for yourself. My writing is dark and raw.

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